Sample Web Content

We populate your website with keyword-rich text that breaks through to sophisticated technical and professional audiences and quickly gets to the heart of your company’s value proposition. Check out these samples:

Arm Holdings

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A complete web rewrite for the world’s dominant designer of microprocessors for handhelds and tablets.


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A leading provider of IT consulting services to the intelligence and defense agencies of the federal government looking to convey its unmatched capabilities in the space.

Spearhead Group

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A complete IT solution provider’s website emphasizing end-to-end infrastructure procurement and vendor contract management.

UB Technology Innovations

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Experience writing about aerospace, finance and healthcare was key to effectively communicating this software developer’s value proposition.


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A marketing technology company looking to convey the value proposition of its unique blend of tech and marketing expertise focused on a unique (but complementary) combination of target industries: pharma and B2B publishing.


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This website is a clear example of how to convey an Internet of Things value proposition without using a lot of text.


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Positioned this India-based IT solutions provider as “not just another India-based IT solutions provider.”


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A cloud based provider of medical IT services in Australia needed clear simple text to break through.

Carlton Industries

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Created a breakout presentation that showcases this contract manufacturer as an innovation leader in a mature market.


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Developed market positioning (“hyperplatform”) and website text for a cloud-based service that enables unfied management and operation of all your cloud-based and legacy systems as a single combined IT environment.

Liftman Insurance

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The market leader in providing insurance to investment services firms asked greatwriting to identify and articulate its key value proposition in a compelling story captured in the language of its target audience.

Flex R&D

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Defined the flexible innovation business model and show how it helps consumer packaged goods companies innovate faster, better, and cheaper while they protect their own intellectual property.