Sample Brochures

The recipe for great marketing collateral: Start by grabbing readers’ attention for what you sell and the problem you solve. Then describe the ideal state that results. And finally drill down into enough “how we do it” details to create credibility and a desire to learn more.
Check out these samples:
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Monotype Imaging

The provider of digital typography to all major brands of mobile phones needed to make a statement about why its technology is so successful.
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Tells the story of how ultra-miniature component fabrication requires special skills and proprietary processes out of reach to most manufacturers.
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BSoft Solutions

As a way to differentiate this IT consulting company, this brochure makes a case for three ways information should return strategic value to a business.
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JD Associates

A corporate capabilities brochure that sells technology's benefits to brick & mortar retailers in crisis.
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Monotype Imaging

Re-introduced the world leader in digital typography as it was about to go public.
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Ascent Technology

Makes the subject of managing a complex workforce easy to understand — so large organizations will want to buy the solution showcased here.
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National Security Agency

Markets the NSA’s information security consulting services to other agencies as well as to private companies who contract with them.
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Pinpoint Laser Systems

A good example of a brochure that reaches a wide variety of technical buyers across a wide range of diverse manufacturing sectors.
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Makes Sprint the clear choice for enterprise telecommunications decision makers looking for a mobile services provider.
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Global IP Solutions

Establish brand leadership for a small company with the most advanced technology in its category.
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XChange Automotive

A good example of a brochure marketing a new online product category — in this case a vehicle buying service.
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Symmetricom (now part of Microsemi)

The capabilities brochure for the world leader in providing advance timing technology to customers such as the Defense Department, the National Bureau of Standards, and the Global Positioning System.