Sample White Papers

We write the stuff other marketing writers can’t. Where rapid turnaround is essential we are a credible alternative to using expensive and scarce internal technical resources as white paper writers. Be sure to check out our white paper writing guidelines.

Enjoy these sample white papers:
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A tutorial for small and mid-sized companies on how easy it is to adopt Cisco networking solutions
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Key takeaway: software developers and consultants need a simpler way to explain how they add value if they don’t want to become commodities.
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This “ultimate guide” ebook is a textbook example of how to assert market leadership in a rapidly emerging technology.
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This paper details the engineering behind the world’s smallest atomic clock so as to attract the attention of technical purchase decision makers and influencers.
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Rather than always present a topic worthy of a technical white paper in that specific format, this greatwriting-ghostwritten article shows how to do it in a blog post.
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Website performance optimization is a key concern of many organizations in both B2B and B2C. This paper is designed to reach technical decision makers looking for web optimization tools, to define the competitive playing field in that market, and to establish clear points of differentiation.
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One of the word’s largest IT consulting firms was looking to differentiate its SAP practice as a Lean/Agile hybrid.
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Rocket Software

Not knowing what you don’t know can be a huge handicap when looking to covert data to insight, or when looking for the right tool to help you do that. A smarter tool helps you ask better questions, not just get better answers.
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Shadow IT happens when the IT department loses the confidence of its internal customers. This paper shows how to win that confidence back.
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A technical brief is a white paper that educates buyers on the basics of a technology so they can make smarter purchase decisions. This brief on electroforming is volume 3 in a series looking at various technologies involved in ultra-miniature component design and fabrication. Volume 1 covers ultra-miniature flex circuits and volume 2 covers thin film manufacturing.
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What’s innovative about this white paper is its repeated chorus — “Great timing is just the start” — to show how great performance is a baseline, not a differentiator.
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This paper demonstrates thought leadership around the adoption of social media in crisis communications.
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Laser Services

This technical brief compares the relative advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting versus other cutting techniques.
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Forward-thinking organizations looking for standards-based technology when developing cross-browser web applications cannot simply assume a one-size-fits-all model will work, especially when it comes to how those applications are tested.
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Hybrid cloud infrastructures present unique challenges when it comes to system management. This paper describes the most important challenges and strategies for overcoming them.
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Inbound marketing, this white paper claims, not only works well for selling products, but also for selling hard-to-fill managerial and technical positions.
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This ghostwritten paper connects the dots between agile software lifecycle management and the quality of digital healthcare solutions.
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Adoption happens faster when cutting edge technology is made easier to understand. And that’s a good thing if you are one of the companies selling that technology.
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Which model is better for building out the backend of your mobile app: do-it-yourself or backend as a service? You decide after reading this white paper written for a BaaS provider.
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Allied Vision Technologies

This is another example of where explaining how a technology works (or how a newer version of an existing technology works better) helps speed adoption of products that use that technology. Here the technology is USB3 and the product is an industrial camera that relies on USB3 for fast image capture.
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Easy integration with other sales and marketing tools is a key factor when deciding which CRM (customer relationship management) solution is right for you, as explained in the white paper we wrote for this CRM solution vendor.
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Applications that run in the cloud, or which rely on the cloud-based resources, must meet different standards of performance than must applications that are not cloud-dependent. This paper describes those standards and ways to meet them.
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Software developers in the defense industry must consider a number of factors when selecting a toolset with which to construct applications. This white paper shows how to map those factors against our client’s product.
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This ghost written article explains how precise timing enables control of the power grid, and what’s required to actually achieve “precise” timing.
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The rules of content marketing are different for companies that not only market but also sell online. This white paper discusses how to turn content into an effective online sales tool in synergy with marketing.
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As this paper explains, and the client’s technology demonstrates, effective mitigation against web-based attacks must reflect the scope, scale, and nature of the threats. In other words, the mitigation must be multi-layered, massively scalable, and context aware.
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J.D. Associates

The client — a provider of point-of-sale and retail automation software — was looking for a way to fully connect its products’ features to the real world requirements of running a retail business. Our solution was a three-part series focusing on key performance indicators and how to use them for greater profitability.
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This ghostwritten article for the CTO and cofounder of SmartBear Software in Sweden is titled, “Closing the TestDevOps Gap.” It talks about how organizations can and should integrate the post-deployment user experience into pre-deployment development and testing — and how tools fashioned in the SmartBear model facilitate this integration.