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We make the content that helps innovative ideas succeed. We advance the missions of cutting-edge organizations with compelling writing that gets people involved. Whether you're a high-tech company, a management consultant, or a social entrepreneur, we craft content that empowers your ideas.

We Write the Hard Stuff …

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White Papers

White Papers are the thought leadership you offer stakeholders looking to clearly understand your value proposition in today’s complex environment. Where rapid turnaround is essential we are a credible alternative to using expensive and scarce internal technical resources as white paper writers. See samples >>>
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Web Content

Too many of the websites written for B2B technology and professional services firms read the same. We populate your website with keyword-rich, SEO-friendly text that breaks through to sophisticated technical and professional audiences and quickly gets to the heart of your company’s value proposition. See samples >>>
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Case Studies

Case studies prove your value in your customer’s own words. Ours are unique in that they seamlessly weave your customer’s story into your brand narrative from problem to solution to result while consistently highlighting your business benefits throughout. See samples >>>
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The recipe for great marketing collateral: Start by grabbing readers’ attention for what you sell and the problem you solve. Then describe the ideal state that results. And finally drill down into enough “how we do it” details to create credibility and a desire to learn more. See samples >>>
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  • As soon as we asked Randy to write Cognizant’s Cloud360 website we were impressed by how fast he captured the essence of our innovation and differentiation. In fact, he coined the term “hyperplatform” (which we adopted as the website’s URL) to precisely communicate our solution’s market positioning. I would recommend Randy to anyone looking to make a compelling business case to senior level business and technology decision makers.
    Ramesh Panuganty, Managing Director, Cloud360, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • In writing our web content, I found Randy to be a great thought partner in articulating our core message in an impactful way. He is very professional, understands the nuances of technical writing and, he is a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed our collaboration and I am happy with the result.
    Ramin Heydarpour, Managing Partner at Flex R&D Inc.
  • Randy Cronk has done an exceptional job elevating the Auto-ID & Sensing group of the MIT Enterprise Forum. He is prolific, producing work of the highest quality and doing a diversity of marketing activities for our group. He transformed our web-presence with concise messaging and a variety of relatively recent marketing approaches such as blogs and podcasts. He keeps up a rapid pace, resulting in far greater awareness and a better impression with existing and potential members. He is fun to work with, always thinking of new things to do. He has also shown great leadership in organizing events, recruiting speakers and showcasing the results of our numerous monthly events. Lastly, he is a very talented writer, with a knack for getting across a message with great impact!
    Tom Coyle, Vice President, Global Market Development, Avery Dennison
  • “Randy has produced award-winning white papers, technical briefs, bylined articles, PPT presentations, and numerous pieces of collateral during the six+ years I've worked with him. He always delivers what he promises by the date he promised. And, it is always regarded as excellent. I can recommend Randy wholeheartedly!”
    Jeanne Hopkins, Vice President, Marketing, HubSpot
  • I have to congratulate you Randy. It’s amazing to me, and a great testament to you, how much you absorb in such as short period of time. You truly are very, very talented.
    Sean Flannery, President, PrismAdvisors, LLC
  • Randy has been an extraordinary contributor to our group in getting the message out in consistent and creative ways from a diverse team that ranges from highly technical personnel to senior management. His ability to pick up and create a written message from a spoken discussion that tells a story has been essential to our getting the word out. The newsletters that he now produces, including video and audio clips from events that we organize are highly professional and have driven attendance to new heights. I recommend his work highly.
    Stephen B. Miles, Research Engineer and RFID Evangelist, MIT Auto-ID Labs
  • I think you've done consistenlty outstanding work for my clients and I'm happy to tell anyone that.
    David Wasser, CEO, Government Communications Group
  • What Randy really does is he can take really complex concepts or ideas and boil them down into plain English so people can understand — like the elevator speech that we’re all grappling with. He does this better than anybody.
    Chris Terry, Partner, NextShore, LLC
  • Randy has an uncanny ability to take complex subjects and make them readable for the layperson. He easily grasped the information I provided about my law practice and created a fabulous website for my firm. Randy’s writing is excellent and he produces superior marketing materials. I receive many compliments about my website and I highly recommend his services.
    Helene Figman, Employment Law Attorney / Human Resources Consultant
  • I have worked with Randall a few times now and can honestly say one does not realize how important it is to have a professional writer until you see what Randall can do for you. He is creative, articulate and his writing just flows so well. Things always sound better after Randall gives it his magic touch. I would highly recommend Randall if anyone ever needs a writer - he does superb work at a very reasonable cost. Always on-time and within budget!
    Joyce Kim, Vice President, Marketing, Global IP Solutions
  • Randy has done a great job for us. He has strong opinions and is willing to make his case; He is not a yes man. He really digs into his subject and fully understands what he writes about, making the process faster and more efficient. He does not just take what you tell him and put it on paper, he thinks holistically and adds value.
    Kel Hoffman, President, Whitebirch Software
  • Randy did an amazing job on the website and brochure copy I asked him to write for my new business venture in 2011. This was actually a return engagement after he also wrote all the marketing materials for a previous startup I led. What makes Randy different from other writers is how fast he understands the value of a new innovative business model and how clearly he can express that value in words so that others understand it too.
    Charles Shamblee III, Chief Executive, xChange Automotive
  • Randy is a creative and versatile marketing professional. He took extraordinarily complicated ideas and concepts and developed a simple yet professional narrative for us to use with clients. His achievements are even more commendable because he is a technology expert, and we are financial services firm. Finally, Randy is one smart guy. HIs advice is right on point.
    Mitchell Shames, CEO, Harrison Fiduciary Group
  • Randy brings an expert's voice to the writing process especially for technology and IT solutions. He often understands the technology better than our clients, because he has such a broad range understanding and experience. I would recommend him to anyone with a complex technology to explain to their audience.
    Tim Fahey, President and CEO, Dirigo Agency
  • Randy is highly effective in his ability to capture our company’s value proposition despite the twin challenges of a technically complex solution (rich Internet application development) and a highly innovative business model (physically distributed, virtually integrated, expert teams). Projects for Universal Mind in the past have included copy writing for our website content, print collateral, press materials and several case studies.
    Todd Cleplinski, CEO/President, Universal Mind
  • Mr. Cronk handles pressure and work quantity with grace and precision. One doesn't need to look at a watch to know Mr. Cronk will come through once again. An excellent technical writer.
    Peter S. Grant, President and CEO, Grant Communications
  • I chose Randy Cronk based on the creativity of the direct mail piece he created for his business and sent to me to get my business. It caught my attention among many others that were in my mail folder. The larger-than-standard-size postcard stood out based on its dimensions. His messaging was spot-on and resonated with me. I figured if he could get my attention in the sea of DM pieces that come across my desk, he could do the same for my prospects: get their attention. I hired him to create the copy for a company brochure. My colleagues carried the finished piece around like it was their first-born ready to share it with anyone who came into the office. True story. Give him an opportunity to bring in leads to your business through white papers, case studies, DM pieces or brochures, and more. You'll be very pleased with the results.”
    Debra Neville, MarketingDirector, J.D. Associates
  • I would recommend Randy's writing services to anyone! He is one of those rare writers that can put together extremely in-depth and technical articles from an interview that does not require many hours of editing and multiple drafts. In fact, Randy ensures that he delivers an article finalized and ready for publishing. When it is something an Editor requires you can rest assured that they will be very happy with the finished product. He is top notch!
    Raychel Moore, Co-Founder & Public Relations Executive, BroadPR

We Are …

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Celebrating our 28th anniversary, greatwriting, LLC is the technology marketing writing practice of Randall Cronk. Here you will find everything you expect from a best-in-class content service: talented professionals, straightforward communication, inbound marketing expertise, deep research skills, experience with the latest content platforms, project pricing, and the unparalleled command of language that is required for beautiful and effective content.

We write the stuff other marketing writers can’t.

After starting out as a tech writer at Digital Equipment Corporation Randy went on to become a vice president at Hill and Knowlton (the world's largest PR firm at the time) and later a vice president at the renowned Silicon Valley tech marketing firm, Regis McKenna, Inc.
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Since founding greatwriting Randy has worked with more than 300 innovation-driven organizations, including the brands you see on this site. He helps clients empower their thought leadership through white papers, websites, brochures, case studies, articles and blogs.
Randy also started, writes, and produces the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge podcast series, garnering over 40,000 page views each month. (To hear excerpts check out the 10 audio clips below.) He also enjoys mentoring college students in his paid internship program. Randy received his MBA from Clark University.

MIT Enterprise Forum Podcast Clips

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    Guy Kawasaki, Author
    If you are the founder of a tech startup, even if it is a B2B tech startup, then you should actively engage in social media, says tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki. “A tech startup founder typically isn’t going to run a Super Bowl commercial," he says. "For a tech startup social media equals marketing.”
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    Paul English, Entrepreneur
    The cofounder of the travel site Kayak.com and the Boston-based consumer tech foundry, Blade, discusses how design plays a key role in determining the success of a tech startup.
  • Stacks Image 1861
    Dr. Mildred Dresselhaus, MIT Institute Professor
    The Presidential Medal of Freedom winner discusses the gender gap in science and technology, the advances that have been made to close it, and what more should be done. She is also a winner of the ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences.
  • Stacks Image 1890
    Vivek Wadhwa, Tech Visionary
    One of Silicon Valley’s most widely followed futurists, Vivek Wadhwa thinks today’s entrepreneurs are missing out on some huge opportunities — and there’s no excuse for it. After all, it’s not like you need millions of dollars to start a tech company anymore.
  • Stacks Image 1930
    Marian Nakada, Strategic Investor
    A conversation with the Vice President of Johnson & Johnson, Development Corporation — which runs the world’s oldest corporate life sciences venture fund — provides a great view into how big pharma companies are working hard to nurture local innovation economies.
  • Stacks Image 1952
    Christopher Ahlberg, Entrepreneur
    A chasm crossing superstar discusses how his company, Recorded Future, became the leading provider of online cyber threat analysis to some of the world's largest corporate enterprises, financial institutions, and government agencies -- after only five years in business.
  • Stacks Image 1974
    David Rose, Author
    David Rose is the author of Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things. Prolific inventor, MIT Media Lab lecturer, and the founder of multiple successful startups, his area of innovation is the interaction of humans with computers, and the enrichment of people's lives by connecting everyday objects to the cloud.
  • Stacks Image 1996
    Joe Curtatone, Mayor
    The mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts talks about how his city attracts innovative companies. Innovators are looking for a certain lifestyle, Joe says. And knowing how to attract them is vital both to the health of the local economy, and to the delivery of city services. Great innovation is not just about being smart, Joe says. it’s about being “abnormal.”
  • Stacks Image 2019
    Bernd Schoner, Entrepreneur and Author
    The author of The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide discusses how startups can partner with larger companies through strategic alliances and acquisitions without smothering the innovative spark that makes tech startups so valuable to the bigger company in the first place.
  • Stacks Image 2041
    Bettina Hein, Entrepreneur
    Technology companies, like the products they make, are often the result of multiple iterations as founders try to figure out what scales, which is often far different than the business they started out with originally. That’s the lesson of Pixability, as told by its founder and CEO, Bettina Hein.